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Halogen J Type Light Bulbs

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J Type halogen light bulbs are double ended halogen light bulbs. The most common base type for J type halogen light bulbs is called a "recessed single contact" (often abbreviated RSC). The bulb shape is referred to as "T3" for "tubular" (T) and 3/8" diameter. J type halogen light bulbs are also available in "Pin Blade" base (PB). Pin Blade J types have a flat piece of metal at each end used to make contact with the socket (this type of halogen light bulb is becoming increasingly uncommon). J type halogen light bulbs are available in various voltages, from 12 volt to 277 volt, and in lengths from 78mm (3.12") to 254mm (254mm). J type halogen light bulbs are most commonly used in security lighting and in high-end accent fixtures.

Please note that J type halogen light bulbs should not be touched with bare skin. Halogen light bulbs utilize a semi-permeable glass with can be penetrated by oil from skin. The oil creates hot spots on the glass that reduces the bulb's life.

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