How we pack our bulbs so they don’t break

“Why don’t you mark your boxes ‘FRAGILE'”?
“How do you guys ship so many light bulbs without breaking them?”
“How do you ship really long light bulbs?”
“Why does it cost so much to ship light bulbs?”
“Why don’t you use packing peanuts?”

People ask these questions all of the time. In fact, when sitting at a bar, having a beer and talking with friends or eating a burger at a cookout, this stuff comes up. (They also ask us what in the world made us start selling light bulbs, but that’s another story)

The truth is we have two priorities when shipping our bulbs: Preventing breakage and using recyclable materials for shipping. So here are the answers that people seek when they ask us about shipping.

This is what I think about every time I get this question

“Why don’t you mark your boxes ‘FRAGILE'”?
Truth? The post office and UPS don’t care. We could write “PLEASE ¬†these are¬†light bulbs! Be careful!!!” and they wouldn’t care. FRAGILE means nothing to the shippers. Sad, but true.

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