Buggin’ Out- Bug lights

It’s that time of year- I’m already covered in bites after working in the yard the entire weekend. I sit on my porch after dinner with a glass of wine, and my lights are buzzing with bugs. Moths, mosquitos and all other sorts of flying buzzing things surrounding my porch lights. This is not the way to enjoy my porch.

There are many options for bug lights- ones that attract and kill bugs and those that don’t attract them. Click here for the zapper bulbs! For the porch, I prefer bulbs that give a nice glow but that don’t attract the bugs to begin with. Red and yellow are the best lights to use when you want to keep bugs away, but who wants a red light bulb on your porch? I look terrible under red light. Yellow is an excellent choice because it is less harsh and provides decent light.

So stop buggin’ out and put some lights up that keeps the bugs away and enjoy your porch this summer!